Edward Felix

Product Design

Portable Art Box

The portable art box concept, conceived by artist Jazza, aimed to provide a convenient carrying case for a variety of painting tools and resources, specifically designed for traveling hobbyists. The case was intended to fold out into a functional workbench, enabling artists to work on-the-go.

The initial phase involved transforming Jazza’s original concept sketches into a three-dimensional model, ensuring accurate spacing and seamless integration of components. This process was executed using Blender, taking care to apply realistic material properties and dimensions to guarantee the feasibility of the design. Following completion of the 3D model, a 3D printable test version was created.

The subsequent stage focused on developing the design as a laser-cut kit, which could be easily assembled by end-users. Utilizing Fusion 360, meticulous attention was paid to linking all dimensions to foundational equations, allowing for seamless adjustments to material thickness, laser tolerances, or box element sizing. This approach ensured that design updates and exported files would automatically reflect any changes made during the development process, maintaining efficiency and accuracy throughout.