Edward Felix

Animatronic and Virtual Reality
Design and Consultation

Digital Design

Production of digital assets at any level, from visualisations to complete real-time rendering ready game assets and systems.

Repair and restoration

Bring your old and damaged pieces back to life and their former glory, I can work to ensure animatronics continue to run on their original systems, or update them to new ones.

Physical Construction

Every stage of a construction from concept to final piece. I can work as a solo creator or part of a larger creative team to realise your dream.

End to end engineering

Design and construction of all project requirements, with both mechanical and electronic engineering together.

My clients say

I approached Edward for use of his props for a shadow cast production which accompanied a screening of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’. Edward went above and beyond, creating brand new, beautifully detailed mechanized and puppet pieces which added magic and character to our show. Edward is a total professional and I would work with him again in a heartbeat.

Ira Luxuria Performer
Producer / Performer

I’ve worked with Edward on varying projects over the last decade. From film production & creative ventures to product design & prop building, Edward always has innovative ideas to help push the project in the right direction to maximise its potential in any given brief. Edward is always approachable and takes concerns about all aspects seriously, especially when the final product will be used by/with other people. When working with Edward I always look forward to the project more; I know that the final product will be of the utmost quality in design and workmanship.

Anita G artist portrait
Artist / Photographer

I first got help from Ed with my 3D printed projects where I became familiar with his wide range of skills, and super-positive can-do attitude. When you meet someone like that, you can’t help but want to work with them more, so I approached him to help bring my vision for a hobby product to life, with the intent to pitch it to potential production partners, or have a design I could take and further develop and manufacture myself – and as expected, Ed helped me achieve both of those goals far beyond my initial expectations! He’s incredibly talented, hard working, and a delight to communicate with!

Jazza the artist youtuber
Artist / Youtuber

Edward and I have collaborated on several projects together, and due to his skillset and ability, he is my first choice when I need to bring another talent onboard. Edward’s creativity is amazing, and his ability to work with others is why I not only consider him a fellow journeyman but a friend. Highest recommendation!

Creative Technologist